The below workshops are available as online live presentations! You can also combine two or more workshops and have our team do an onsite training day or participate your next annual conference!


5 Calls You Should Be Making!

Cold Contacts, First Time Order Calls, First Time Order Calls OML, Prior Year Order Contacts and Lapsed User Contacts are all covered in this 45-minute workshop. 

Catering Prospecting

With so many potential catering targets, how do you prioritize who you are going to contact and be efficient with your time? Outline for developing your catering business and resources for doing so are offered in this 45 minutes workshop. 

Presentations That Close The Deal!

 The best way to earn customers is to sample food for them to try! How much food and what information should you cover are all reviewed in this 45 minutes workshop. 

Catering Marketing Strategies

4 Walls, 4 Blocks, 4 Miles. This workshop explores what you can do to market your catering in the most impactful way. Low-cost and no-cost options are explored. 

Getting The Most Of Cold Calling

Cold calling remains one of the best ways to connect with decision-makers! How you approach the process, the frequency of contacts and strategies to really connect with your target audience are all reviewed in this workshop.

Catering Drivers- Your Brand Ambassador

Are you getting the most out of your delivery drivers?  With these individuals interacting with your customers consistently, there are strategies you can use to build relationships & utilize this resource better! This workshop can show you how!