Coaching Calls

The greatest athletes in the world all have coaches that help develop their skills. Cost $75 Per 1/2 Hour. 

4 free sessions yearly with academy membership.

Webinars- Sales, Execution & Best Practices

We host monthly webinars regarding sales tactics & best practices.  Cost $44.95

 6 free webinars yearly with academy membership. 

Customer Experience- Secret Shopper

Curious about what your customers experience? The Catering Academy can "secret shop" your service and give you a report regarding opportunities for growth. Pricing Starting At $250 Per Experience.

Catering Certifications

Our members enjoy earning their catering certifications which show their mastery in specific areas!

These can be obtained in conjunction with any of our workshops or conference speaking engagements.

Workshop Presenter

Any of our online webinars can be conducted as an in-person session.  Combined two or more to create a full-day experience!  Click Here To Review Sessions

Conference Speaker

Catering sales are the lifeblood of your business! Our speakers can energize, encourage & field questions regarding strategies, customer acquisition & many other topics. Rates starting at $2,500 plus travel. 

Virtual Training Session

Let the Catering Academy support your next group training through a zoom conference call. Pricing Varies.